Mar 24, 2009

New Product!!

Good news! Our new set of wearable pets is ready!
This one was our more complex project at this moment, and we are very proud of the results.
We had developed a set of tiny pals that can be worn wherever you want and they're going to be the first three of a larger collection.
At this moment, however, this ones are available:
  • My Hunny Pet
  • My Froggy Pet
  • My Kitteh Pet


- Modify and Copy permision
- Triggered by a HUD (optional) or typing command in general chat*
- About four animations for you to interact with your pet
- Original sounds
- Two position: sit and sleep.
- Particles poofer

Wear your pet.
At first, your pet will be atached at your left shoulder. If you want to change the atachment point, you should do the following: search in the inventory, right click, wear and choose an atacchment point. Adjust the position.
Wear your hud (optional).
It will be atached to the right bottom. If you want to change its position search in your inventory, right click and select atach to hud... choose a position and adjust it.

*list of commands to enter by keyboard
/46 kiss = sends a kiss, spreads hearts and plays kiss sound
/46 wave = waves and says hey!
/46 jump = this action is exclusive for my froggy pet and makes your pet jump and croak
/46 eat = this action is exclusive for my hunny pet and makes your pet eat some honey
/46 milk = this action is exclusive for my kitteh pet and makes your pet drink from a bottle of milk
/46 sleep = takes a little nap, this action continues till you stop it
/46 stop = stops other actions
/66 "text" = type everything you want and your pet will say it
/44 "name" = put a nickname to your pet
/46 help = list of commands

You can change your pet's messages by editing the notecard named config inside your pet just follow the instructions written in the same notecard.

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