Dec 8, 2012

Leather Boots + New Leggings

*MishMish* Leather Boots Studded
Silver, Gold or Without Studs.
In two colors (black + brown) and in white for easy recoloring.
That's right! You can make them any color you want!
Lots of combinations possible!
YES mod/copy NO transfer

*MishMish* Galaxy Leggings
Be hype with this new pair of leggings for tinies.
YES mod/copy NO transfer

Dec 3, 2012

Lot Like Wootmas

We (the tinies) do it every year about this time. We caroling!! If you want a group of tinies to go to your sim and perform for you, they will happily do it!! It's lotta fun. The Carol Book 2012 its available for FREE at Raglan! A tip is always welcome to help them pay the tiers and to continue doing such amazing events.
TP to Raglan Shire, Where Tinies Play

Coat: *MishMish* Duffle Coat - White
Pants: *MishMish* Joel Outfit - Pants (unisex)
Boots: *MishMish* Fluffly Boots
Book: Raglan - Raglan Shire Wootmas Carol Book 2012 (for tinies)

Nov 27, 2012


This looks like a great place to hide my carrots
Location: Tobacco Road

Hat: Steam Kitten - Blinking Bunny Hat: Light Green Polka-Dot
Mouth: MishMish - Munchie Twig Winter - Fashion Show 2012 GIFT
Top: MishMish - Alison Top - Raspberry - Part of Bright Autumn Fatpack
Pants: MishMish - Jean Pants (Lightblue) - Part of Hippie Chic Outfit
Shoes: MishMish - Fluffy Boots
Hand: Elefantabulous - teddybear pink jumper

Nov 21, 2012

Duffle Coat

Duffle Coat for Tinies.
Mesh item. NO rigged. Fits almost all Tiny avatars.
All six colors included in the package.
Only L$180

Nov 9, 2012

Disco Tiny Disco

*MishMish* Special Edition for STUDIO BAM
Includes 3 shirts and 3 leggings.
YES mod/copy NO transfer

Ring (NO rigged mesh)

Oct 25, 2012

Halloween is almost here!

And i'm ready for it! 

*MishMish* Orange Halloween Outfit for Tinies
Includes: dress, panties (candy corn pattern) and shoes!
YES mod/copy NO transfer

*MishMish* Doll of Doom Outfit for Tinies.
Includes: Dress, panties (stripes) and shoes!
non-bloody version of the dress also included.
+ prop knife
YES mod/copy NO transfer

Oct 9, 2012

Basement Kitteh

Location: +Cafe Green Gables+
Outfit: *MishMish* Purple Halloween (dress, shoes). Available at my store now.
[What's This?] Witchy Hat (Freebie at Raglan's Haunted House)

Jul 20, 2012

Hippie Chic

*MishMish* Hippie Chic Outfit
Includes: Shirt, pants, hair scarf, sandals (not in pic) and ring !
Shirt and ring are No rigged mesh.
YES copy/mod No transfer.

This weekend, Wootstock at Raglan
Everybody is invited! Come join the tinies of the Shire in this weekend of fun, peace, and waffles!