Jul 21, 2013

Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser.
From July 25th to August 11th. (Landmark soon).
It will feature work from more than 100 creators with proceeds going to Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.
To know more about Squinternet and her fight please go here http://lovedonnaflora.wordpress.com/about/

I made a recolor of the monkeys i released some time ago. I hope you guys like them! This color will be available only at this event and never to be sold again. Item price is 200L and ALL the proceeds goes to the fundraiser.
Includes both monkey, the one that you attach to your mouth and the holdable one. If you touch them they make a sound :)

*MishMish* For Love Donna Flora fundraiser
Hair - .Olive./ The sa-fari-sha / The Boutique
Skin - Essences / Cho / Collabor88
Lip - Rozena / Kiss Kiss
Eyes - IKON / Destiny Eyes
Nails - Flair / Set 101
Dress - ISON / Ruffle Dress / Collabor88


Jul 19, 2013

MishMish for Food Fair 2013

Today opens Food Fair a sim full of creations around well... food!!
MishMish created a little mesh building that you can use it as a Patisserie, a grocer market, or even a small shop! Includes also a plain version that you can modify at your taste.

*MishMish* Patisserie

For more info about Food Fair go here : http://officialfoodfair.wordpress.com/
Teleport to Food Fair

Jul 18, 2013

VIP Group Gift July

So, this is VIP Group Gift for July.
100L fee to join.

*MishMish* VIP Group Gift July

Jul 8, 2013

Collabor88 - July

Hi everybody!
I'm taking part of this July round of Collabor88 as a guest designer!! So so excited!!
I got soo inspired by this round mood palette! Theme was midsummer... like that Shakespeare play? So inspirational! And ALL the creators at Collabor88 did an awesome job; i have been flapping my hands like a little girl all day every time i saw a new preview or set up. Be sure to check them out!
Anyway, these are my items: fairies!!

A midsummer tale

They are attachable, meaning you wear them and carry around. They will float besides you sparkling some magic in their way ;)
3 color choices, each with its own meaning.
Also included a special mystery gift to rez or since it's modify u can also wear it.