About My Store


MishMish is a store in Second Life (tm) where you can find lots of cute and fun items to dress up your avatar! You will find plushies, toys, accessories and more!
Everything is 100% original content.
I do the modeling, the texturing, the majority of my scripts and even the poses built in some of my products!

Subscribe to my group in-world to keep up with the latest releases.
Also VIP group available in world with 10% discount on my Mainstore and monthly gifts.


Raglan (Tinies only)
Marketplace (online - some products not available in-world)


No refund possible, sorry. If you need to ask me something IM Aime Takaaki in-world. I will do my best to help you.
Almost all my products are modify so you can adjust them correctly; however, always credit me.


If you want to review one of my products, please fill this form: Blogger Application