Sep 1, 2013

Chipmunks at The Arcade

*MishMish* Chipmunk Gacha

Available from September 1st to September 30th at The Arcade.
50L per play. 10 commons to win plus a RARE.

Some chipmunks have special features. Magician fan has a menu built-in that will allow you to change the colors of the scarf (four choices) clicking on it. Marshmallow comes with the campfire unlinked, and since it's modify you can make it bigger! You can also unlink the sign featured on Winter is coming's chipmunk.
The RARE, this is the stump, is completely hand drawn. Comes with the option to turn on/off the smoke and with 9 animations included, 3 of them custom made for this stump!

I hope you like them as much i enjoyed to make them!
Happy gacha-ing!

Arcade SLURL : Teleport there

Aug 17, 2013

Raccoons in Acid Lily

MishMish is joining this second round of Acid Lilly Gallery. Starts August 17th till August 30th.

*MishMish* My Cute Raccoon
My item will be marked down 70L during this event and available only there, so go visit before it ends!

Aug 14, 2013

TLC The Garden

I'm taking part of this round of The Garden! So so happy! And the theme is great too! I mean... area 51? How cool is that?
Starts August 15th till September 10th.
More info, and a list of participating stores here :

Here are my items

*MishMish* It's Aliens - UFO

*MishMish* It's Aliens - Mini UFO

*MishMish* It's Aliens - Holding Photo

Aug 13, 2013

Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival

MishMish for Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival Starting
August 16th - 30th

Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival

 35L each ice cream!
Please note that these Ice creams are exclusives to this event and not to be sold again.

{Landmark soon}

Aug 8, 2013


MishMish is joining the August round of Limited50.
Only 50 copies of this item to be sold ever!

Get your copy here Limited50

*MishMish* Sitting on the Moon
Comes with 3 poses/animations and fits Toddleedoo avatars too.
Tintable cushion!
Only 350L

Hair - ISON / Leighton
Skin - Essences / Cho / Group Gift
Eyes - IKON / Destiny Eyes
Nails - Flair / Set 101
Necklace - Noodles / Metal Leaf Necklace
Top - The Secret Store / Lua's Cropped Shirt
Pants - Emery / High Waisted Jeans Strauss / Fameshed

Happy Birthday Collabor88!

Collabor88 is turning 2 on August and MishMish is joining the party!
Theme this round was inspired by Great Gatsby. With 2 color palettes/moods, one more feminine and the other more masculine. So i decided to make peacocks! A blue and a white one for each palette.
I hope you like them!
Collabor88 start August 8th till September 6th!

*MishMish* White Peacock Pet

*MishMish* White Peacock -  deco only

*MishMish* Blue Peacock - Pet

*MishMish* Blue Peacock - decor only

Jul 21, 2013

Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora Fundraiser.
From July 25th to August 11th. (Landmark soon).
It will feature work from more than 100 creators with proceeds going to Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.
To know more about Squinternet and her fight please go here

I made a recolor of the monkeys i released some time ago. I hope you guys like them! This color will be available only at this event and never to be sold again. Item price is 200L and ALL the proceeds goes to the fundraiser.
Includes both monkey, the one that you attach to your mouth and the holdable one. If you touch them they make a sound :)

*MishMish* For Love Donna Flora fundraiser
Hair - .Olive./ The sa-fari-sha / The Boutique
Skin - Essences / Cho / Collabor88
Lip - Rozena / Kiss Kiss
Eyes - IKON / Destiny Eyes
Nails - Flair / Set 101
Dress - ISON / Ruffle Dress / Collabor88


Jul 19, 2013

MishMish for Food Fair 2013

Today opens Food Fair a sim full of creations around well... food!!
MishMish created a little mesh building that you can use it as a Patisserie, a grocer market, or even a small shop! Includes also a plain version that you can modify at your taste.

*MishMish* Patisserie

For more info about Food Fair go here :
Teleport to Food Fair

Jul 18, 2013

VIP Group Gift July

So, this is VIP Group Gift for July.
100L fee to join.

*MishMish* VIP Group Gift July

Jul 8, 2013

Collabor88 - July

Hi everybody!
I'm taking part of this July round of Collabor88 as a guest designer!! So so excited!!
I got soo inspired by this round mood palette! Theme was midsummer... like that Shakespeare play? So inspirational! And ALL the creators at Collabor88 did an awesome job; i have been flapping my hands like a little girl all day every time i saw a new preview or set up. Be sure to check them out!
Anyway, these are my items: fairies!!

A midsummer tale

They are attachable, meaning you wear them and carry around. They will float besides you sparkling some magic in their way ;)
3 color choices, each with its own meaning.
Also included a special mystery gift to rez or since it's modify u can also wear it.


Jun 16, 2013

Summerfest '13

Summerfest '13 has started! Lots of wonderful creations on an equally wonderful sim  sponsored by the creators of floorplan.,, & PILOT!. They did awesome with the decoration and the beach feeling of the place. So don't forget to visit, take some pics, and do some shopping!!

MishMish releases joining the ones posted before. This time jewelry for the ladies!!!

*MishMish* Summer Buoy
*MishMish* Summer Buoy - 75L

*MishMish* Summer Starfish
*MishMish* Summer Starfish Necklaces - 75L
*MishMish* Summer Starfish Earrings - 50L

Click banner in sidebar to get TP to Summerfest '13 -- >

Jun 14, 2013

Bunneh Poppins

So this is the first blogger meme i make and it was so much fun to do it that prolly is not the last one! I hope you guys like it!! Want to know more about the meme? Here at Strawberry Singh Blog

Bunneh Poppins

Jun 13, 2013

Coming soon to Summerfest '13

Summerfest '13 is starting soon!
I want to show you guys some of the exclusive items i made for this event.

*MishMish* Mini Dunneh - Holdable

*MishMish* Big Dunneh

More previews tomorrow!!

Jun 1, 2013

June VIP Group Gift

MishMish VIP Gift June 2013

MishMish VIP Group. Join to keep up with the latest releases, 10% discount in all MishMish products* and exclusives gifts. Only 100L to join.

May 31, 2013

MishMish for The Arcade

MishMish is one of the brands invited to join this June round of The Arcade.

MishMish Squirt Guns for The Arcade June 2013

12 to collect (3 of them rares). 50L per play.
- they will be only available during this event. After is over they are not going to be available for purchase at my store anymore -
*These Squirt Guns don't work as guns (you can't aim with mouselook, shoot bullet or do any damage). They are pose props, meaning that once you wear it you will be able to trigger a pose for your avatar. Also have the option to deactivate the main animation and play the one you feel suits best. And it will shoot water particles. It comes with a HUD to make the "shooting" more easy ;)
I hope you like them!

"The Arcade is a gacha event, featuring over 80 of the grid’s best designers and builders, in which high-quality prizes are sold to avatars at random from gacha machines."

More info here
Or here to see what else you can get once you are there!!

Join the fun!

May 8, 2013

100 Block Party

"The 100 Block will feature 100 stores in addition to our 16 sponsors who will each creat a new, exclusive item specifically for the event. (...) Each exclusive will be priced at 50% of the normal selling price!"Teleport to 100 Block

Starting on May 10th all this month you will have the chance to get our exclusive 50% off.

*MishMish* Mocha Monkey Pet

With this exclusive we are also releasing more monkey madness!!
Check them out:

*MishMish* Monkey Holdable Pet
*MishMish* Monkey Mouthies Pet
*MishMish* Monkey Shoulder Pet

May 6, 2013

Looking for Bloggers

MishMish is currently looking for Bloggers!!!
 To apply please fill this form:


Apr 11, 2013

Fat Lil Bird

So, i made some birds for this spring ;) You can even get one for FREE!!! Hope you all like it.

For Blooming into the Season Hunt. More info here. Fat Lil Bird - Shoulder Pet

For Kawaii Fair 2013
Fat Lil Bird, the necklaces Fat Lil Bird, the pet

Apr 6, 2013

Gacha Machine MESH

*MishMish* Gacha Machine MESH
Several predefined color options.
Easily modifiable by HUD
Any color you want!

1 Land Impact for short model, 2LI for the taller one.
Just drop your gacha script on your machine and you're done!!

Mar 26, 2013

Easter Paint Kit

Easter Paint Kit
Original animations.
Allows 2 avatars sit at the same time.
(pose option to fit Toddledoo's avatars)
Egg + Brush Giver  - 3 color choice (yellow, pink or lightblue)

For Demo

Mar 17, 2013

Big Shrubbles

*MishMish* Big Shrubbles
Animations and textures made by me.
Original mesh.
Also included a version without scripts to use it as deco only.

L$ 150

Spring is Near Hunt

"Spring is Near" Hunt starts on March 19th until April 9th.
For more information  go here.

*MishMish* Shrubbles Plushie

Jan 31, 2013

Love is in the air

*MishMish* Plush Heart MESH
Mesh Stuffed Toy
2 versions for the same price (with or without arms)
With holding animation and squeaky sound.
YES copy/mod NO transfer