Apr 6, 2013

Gacha Machine MESH

*MishMish* Gacha Machine MESH
Several predefined color options.
Easily modifiable by HUD
Any color you want!

1 Land Impact for short model, 2LI for the taller one.
Just drop your gacha script on your machine and you're done!!


This is a 100% NO RIGGED mesh item, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer.
Please notice that Land Impact may vary according to the size of the object.


Rez *MishMish* Gacha Machine on the ground.
Wear the HUD included.
Touch the machine.
Now you can select colors/textures.*
By pressing the Presets button, you will find a sub menu with different color schemes. This schemes or presets are recommended for best texture optimization (Less texture loading).
After you are done with the modifications, you can type /6 cleanup in local chat to delete all the scripts inside the machine. This will help sim performance.

*Please notice that there are several colored textures along with a white colored texture that you can modify manually to suit any color not available as a texture that you may want. However, this colored textures are made in a way to look "glossy" like, that the blank texture is not going to be able to achieve.


This Gacha Machine is only the object that will hold your items and the scripts needed to work as a gacha; i'm NOT including the scripts for that. You can find them in marketplace or inside Second Life.

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