May 31, 2013

MishMish for The Arcade

MishMish is one of the brands invited to join this June round of The Arcade.

MishMish Squirt Guns for The Arcade June 2013

12 to collect (3 of them rares). 50L per play.
- they will be only available during this event. After is over they are not going to be available for purchase at my store anymore -
*These Squirt Guns don't work as guns (you can't aim with mouselook, shoot bullet or do any damage). They are pose props, meaning that once you wear it you will be able to trigger a pose for your avatar. Also have the option to deactivate the main animation and play the one you feel suits best. And it will shoot water particles. It comes with a HUD to make the "shooting" more easy ;)
I hope you like them!

"The Arcade is a gacha event, featuring over 80 of the grid’s best designers and builders, in which high-quality prizes are sold to avatars at random from gacha machines."

More info here
Or here to see what else you can get once you are there!!

Join the fun!

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