Jun 16, 2013

Summerfest '13

Summerfest '13 has started! Lots of wonderful creations on an equally wonderful sim  sponsored by the creators of floorplan., fri.day, & PILOT!. They did awesome with the decoration and the beach feeling of the place. So don't forget to visit, take some pics, and do some shopping!!

MishMish releases joining the ones posted before. This time jewelry for the ladies!!!

*MishMish* Summer Buoy
*MishMish* Summer Buoy - 75L

*MishMish* Summer Starfish
*MishMish* Summer Starfish Necklaces - 75L
*MishMish* Summer Starfish Earrings - 50L

Click banner in sidebar to get TP to Summerfest '13 -- >

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